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27 May, 2011 § 4 Comments

Are you a Sex And The City fan? How many of you were disappointed by the makeover Carrie gave to her apartment? Raise your hand, don’t be shy! In my opinion it was a very unnecessary addition to the first SATC film, in fact I was so disappointed when I saw it that I knew right there: SATC is over people. Kaput. No I didn’t like the first film that much because I loooved the series. I choose to ignore the second installment ever happened.

Back to the classic SATC set-up. What is it that made Carrie’s apartment a cult reference? Can I assume that New Yorkers were fascinated by seeing a struggling freelance writer living on a rent-controlled awesome space in a very hip neighbourhood? What about the rest of us, especially us who live on the other side of the Atlantic?

Speaking for my self what I always appreciated was the mess! It was very believable to see dishes on the sink, an unmade bed, Carrie stumbling on her shoes while preparing to leave home and so on. It was not so believable to see the flat sparkly clean all the time, somehow I can’t imagine Carrie mopping the floor and vacuuming.

The colours were earthy and cozy. A huge contrast to the intense blue of the movie:

The “blue” bedroom is emptier and you’d expect the larger floorspace to be soothing. But it’s so cold and boring!

What is there to see on the makeover except a very intense collection of small frames? To top that it seems to me the small pictures were chosen solely based on colour to match each other. This is as impersonal as a hotel room. And what’s with the huge flowing curtains? Notice how in the “old” bedroom the frames behind the bed are not perfectly aligned. That’s more real isn’t it? And look there are signs of life like books, and nick knacks around the bed.

Here’s another comparison between the two bedrooms:

Another thing I noticed with that wall colour is that the floor looks warmer and the carpet patterns vivid.

I always loved how the chair served as a side table, and the retro phone on top of it.

Oh Carrie, the writers didn’t do any favours to you on the films did they?

It’s so … bling. Not in a good way. This vanity table could look nice on a different decor but here it gives a department store aura. She looks like a customer approaching the cosmetics section. The side table and the lamp behind Carrie are amazing but next to this bling table you don’t even notice them. Question: Do they expect us to believe that Carrie, fashionista as she is, uses this corner to put make up on etc, and it’s NOT covered in fingerprints?

Here’s what the original Carrie was using for years:

How large is this apartment supposed to be anyway? Seriously I searched all over the web but couldn’t find an answer. I’d guess something around 60 m².

The entrance is perfect.

That’s a large bookcase. The bags under the side table are a nice touch. I love how art is placed over the table.

I tried to replicate the bookcase look on a previous apartment. I used the 5X5 Expedit and it was a shameless copy of this layout. Sometimes one big bookcase can make all the difference thanks to the increased storage. Right now my Expedit is hidden at my storage area but the thought to use it again crosses my mind every now and then.

I also like the orange ottoman.

Here’s a view from the window:

Ok, ok, there IS a flow at this apartment. It seems to have a window with a lot of sunlight flowing in and I’m sure it’s a tv exaggeration because no home is that perfect.

This is a very plain bathroom, however, this happens to be my favourite colour on bathroom tiling. I appreciate this whiteness having lived on so many flats with dark bathroom walls! Kudos to the production team: beauty products and a very messy sink. Yes this is real.

Oh, miss Bradshow, I’m sure you could find some better storage solutions if you’d try more!

Carrie doesn’t cook much. Although to her credit we see her eating her veggies and fruits very often. I hear many New Yorkers don’t cook. That’s ok I guess. But how can a writer and socialite not seek out a decent coffee gear? Carrie was very hostile to the idea of getting an espresso maker, are we supposed to believe that?

A very large kitchen. A shame it’s never used.

A before and after of the living room:

Love-the-carpet. Want-the-table.

Love the lamps. How on earth is she watching tv? The sofas look uncomfortable. Does she get a stiff neck from the viewing angle? Or does she sit on that chair? Reaaaaally?

The desk was a simple table framed by beautiful curtains. Another touch of reality I appreciated. She’s a writer (at least on the series) so comfort and ample space should come first. Compare it with the “after” stiffer version and you’ll see how sometimes simpler is better. Again in the “after” version the furniture is lovely but when put together the result is cold and impersonal. I really hate the “new” curtains (in this set).

Carrie wonders: will Rolodex still be used in a few years???

The desk with different curtains. And some profound thinking…

What where they thinking? Can you imagine the original Carrie type frantically " are we sluts?" at this decor??

What where they thinking? Can you imagine the original Carrie type frantically ” are we sluts?” at this decor??

And finally … the wardrobe. I’m sure everyone agrees that it’s the dream closet in space, layout and content 🙂

Am I seeing IKEA everywhere? It looks like the PAX system could replicate the look. Now all that remains is to find an apartment with an extra small room and a magic wand to get all the pretty clothes!

Mistake 1: this lightbulb could never light up the a whole wardrobe without shading.

Mistake 2: Carrie never took the time to invest on decent, one-look hangers? C’mon! I respect my nothing clothes more than that!


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§ 4 Responses to miss Carrie Bradshow’s apartment

  • 2berrys says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SATC and I LOVE this post! I think the new is nice but only if you didn’t realize it was Carrie’s old apartment – if we were seeing it for the first time. I always thought her place was so cozy and inviting, somewhat bohemian.

    • Hello fellow SATC fan! When I saw the make over scene at the movies I remembered when “the Russian” first visited her place and he said “I love your house. It’s so you.” So this is the new Carrie? Saying to her friends “Careful this is an adult’s apartment now”? Somehow I don’t buy it.

      And another thing: where did Aidan’s chair go? Not only it was amazing, it also cost her a fortune, not to mention well, it was Aidan’s! (opening the big Aidan-Big debate here!)

  • konstadina says:

    …..διαπιστώνω πως κάνεις σωστή έρευνα!…δεν μου έμεινε καμιά απορία και είναι τόσο ευχάριστο θέμα! thanks!

    • Δεν φαντάζεσαι πόσες φορές έχω δει τη σειρά. Έχω μάθει απ’ έξω τους διαλόγους! Κρίμα η κουζίνα πάντως. Αν είχα εγώ τόσο χώρο συνέχεια θα έψηνα φαγητά και γλυκά…

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